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New to the game and confused with all the terms ? We are here to help.

Here you will find easy to follow poker glossary of the most important terms you need to know to be able to ace your game.

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Mahesh Mahale
Mahesh Mahale
Nashik, Maharashtra
It's really easy to pick up the games on GetMega & they have a very wide range of contests. I started practicing Poker & Rummy on ₹1-2 tables before going big. Now, I am winning big & consistently, and I just won ₹45000 last week!
19 January, 2021
Behrooz Rostaye
Behrooz Rostaye
New Delhi, Delhi
I had no idea Rummy could be so much fun, yet easy to learn. I also regularly play Poker on GetMega. Playing games is fun, but playing with real stakes is so much more exciting
4 January, 2021
Ghayez Kb
Ghayez Kb
Bangalore, Karnataka
I haven’t played such beautifully designed Poker & Rummy anywhere else. Plus, the app is fast and intuitive, and withdrawals are really fast — so playing here is truly a super smooth experience.
21 January, 2021

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